University of Ghana Advisory Board

Since the RIC is established within the University of Ghana, an Advisory Committee has been set up in conformity with the University of Ghana guidelines for external project implementation.The UG Advisory Committee  consists of University of Ghana senior management staff :

a)         Provost (CBAS) – Chair

b)         RIC Project Manager – Secretary

c)         Director, Institute of Environment and Sanitation Studies – Member

d)         Director, Finance Directorate – Member

e)         Chief Information Technology Officer (CITO)-University of Ghana Computing Systems- Member

f)          Head, Department of Marine and Fisheries Sciences – Member

g)         Director, Centre for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information     Systems – Member

h)         Director, Public Affairs Directorate– Member

The committee will provide strategic advice and guidance on the project implementation in line with University of Ghana norms and practices in relation to externally funded projects. They will meet once a year during the duration of the project.

Staff of the Regional Marine Centre will be in attendance during Advisory Committee meetings and will provide necessary support for the organization of the meetings.