Regional Policy Advisory Committee (RPAC)

The Regional Policy Advisory Committee (RPAC) is a body that provides policy direction for the GMES (Marine) Project at the regional level. The rationale is to strengthen regional and national capacities to generate and apply EO-based information; and develop a framework for promoting intra-African collaboration and open access to data.

The RPAC brings together users of the EUMETCast Stations in the Marine Environment in West Africa and key regional bodies that constitute a policy making advisory committee. The committee is composed of the six regional institutions involved in this project and with mandate in fisheries, oceanography, environment, maritime security, earth observation and policy making; and a senior managerial or decision making level from of the twelve (12) beneficiary countries. The REC (ECOWAS) is the Chair of the committee.

The main role of the RCPAC is advisory. In particular the committee:

As part of the implementation of the action the 1st Regional Policy Advisory Committee (RPAC) meeting was organised from 29th – 30th October, 2018. Participants comprised of members of the GMES & Africa (Marine) Consortium, ECOWAS Commission and representatives of regional institutions on environment and resources management, as well as industry leaders.